Our Estate Planning Services

Some people like to describe an estate plan as a list of documents. At Yaser Ali Law,  however, you aren’t just “buying paper.”  We are proud members of Wealth Counsel, the nation’s most highly-respected organization of estate planning attorneys. When you retain us, you are choosing the counselor who will craft a plan that your family must live with after you are gone; you are choosing the advisor upon whom your loved ones will depend at their most difficult times; and you are creating a relationship with your attorney that should last for life.

Because each of our plans is highly customized to meet your family’s personal goals and values, it is impossible to detail your unique plan. Below, however, is a description of some of the services we typically provide.

  • Personalized service with our estate planning team so that all questions are answered and help is provided, with no additional cost. We explore your unique concerns to craft a solution that addresses them.  This personalized service ensures that your estate planning, maintenance, and administration is always handled in a caring, efficient, cost effective manner.
  • A Revocable Living Trust Agreement, which eliminates probate and the need for conservatorship proceedings in regard to all assets transferred into the trust. This trust directs the disposition of your assets to your chosen beneficiaries.
  • For married couples who want to minimize estate tax or provide asset protection to each other, our carefully drafted Credit Shelter Trusts can do more than just meet the minimum legal requirements to reduce tax; we can build a fortress that protects your children and spouse from lawsuits and unintentional disinheritance (this can happen in remarriages).
  • Beneficiary Trusts to ensure that your assets are protected for your children. These trusts may include asset protection from lawsuits or children’s divorces.  For clients who seek to maximize protection, we can craft trust solutions that preserve assets for generations.
  • Will(s) that ensure that all property is transferred to the chosen beneficiaries, even if an asset is not transferred to your revocable living trust during lifetime.
  • Comprehensive Nomination of Guardians for minor children that is effective during your lifetime (in case you become incapacitated) and not just upon your death.
  • Comprehensive Attorney-drafted and Statutory Durable Powers of Attorney, that allow your spouse or another trusted person to sign documents and handle financial matters for you. This document is particularly helpful if mental disability prevents you from managing your own affairs.
  • Advance health care directive(s), which give directions to physicians and family members regarding continuation of life support systems and other medical treatment preferences.
  • Thoughtful incapacity planning to ensure that you are protected in the event you become unable to manage your affairs for any period of time (incapacity is a major risk for everyone, regardless of age).
  • Your three-ring Family Protection Plan Binder contains copies of all of your planning documents as well as informational documents and forms which can be completed regarding where assets are located, wishes for memorial services, and any other information which you consider to be pertinent. Your Binder is information central should your family face a crisis.
  • Lifetime Peace of Mind Meetings. Any time you experience a major life event or feel the need to talk to an Attorney about a major and unexpected issue, you can call us and schedule a Peace of Mind meeting at no charge.  For life.
  • Money-back guarantee. Should you be unsatisfied with the quality, service and value you receive through our planning process, we will refund your money.

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