Sami Ahmed – Law Clerk

Sami Ahmed graduated magna cum laude from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania with a B.S. in Economics and a concentration in Finance. He currently attends Yale Law School, where he serves on the Yale Law Journal as a Comments Editor. Prior to law school, he managed assets for Google in their Portfolio Group. More recently, he worked at the Boston Consulting Group as an Associate. Past projects include:

  • Performed transaction analysis for a cruise line, leveraging results to develop model for revised travel agent compensation

  • Developed social media strategy for baby stroller company, outlining how to create blog, mobile app, and viral video campaign and increase following on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest

  • Conducted M&A screen, presenting business cases and valuation models for top targets to CEO of large paper products company

  • Designed and coded Web 2.0 dealer system using Django, Python, CSS/HTML, and SQL for tractor company to offer customized dealer pricing based on criteria such as transaction history and profit margin, resulting in harmonized and consistent pricing

  • Researched product and fashion trends in women’s jeans to create branding and market strategy for large fashion house

Nicholas Gunther – Legal Intern

Nicholas Gunther is pursuing a BA in Business Law through Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Nick is currently a Sophomore at Barrett the Honors College and hopes to graduate in May 2017. He hopes to attend law school afterward to pursue a career as a prosecutor.

This fall Nick served as a Victim Services intern at the City of Phoenix Prosecutor’s Office where he assisted in winning crime victims their restitution and obtaining orders of protection. Nick has a seven-year long history of student government involvement. Last year he served as the Undergraduate Student Government’s Civic Engagement Director, working to ensure that every ASU student was registered to vote.

Before moving to Tempe, Nick lived in Boulder, Colorado. Nick has been an active participant in Colorado politics and was on the Colorado Legislature’s Youth Advisory Council, leading the Energy and Environment Committee. Nick’s passion for environmental issues drives him in both his political and personal life. Nick often spends his vacations back in Colorado, camping in the Rockies and hiking the trails around Boulder.

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